Big things with little cars

Diorama builders' help needed

For people who leave cars on their dioramas, do you have issues with the rubber tires lifting the paint? If not what kind of diorama materials and paints do you use?


I ask because my dio is nearly unusable due to white dots of exposed spackle, and i have a few dozen cars that need paint scraped off the tires.

It was built with regular drywall spackle, then painted with craft paint. After that started lifting on tires i touched up the spots and clearcoated the whole thing. The clearcoat didn’t seem to make a difference.


Any car left for a week or two will stick and the longer it is there the worse it seems to be. This flatbed has been on the dio nonstop since i built it, and you can see the amount of paint on the tires.


Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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