Big things with little cars

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about doing a model car diorama. But my problem is one of scale.

See, I’ve got a 1/32 slot car track setup that I don’t use. Frankly, the track itself isn’t really useful...I race every Friday on my friend’s track, and I know that track and slot cars generally well enough that I don’t need mine for setting up or testing. And even if I did, my track is setup as kind of a small, winding circuit where my friend’s track is big, with long straights. So I don’t really need the track at all.


Now, it’s setup with Carrera track, which is quite wide and still looks in-scale for 1/24s. So what I’m considering doing is knocking the track down to about half size and setting up the rest of the table (roughly 8 feet long by 5 feet deep) with a diorama...but do I do the diorama in 1/24 or 1/32 scale?

The upside to doing it in 1/32 is I already have almost 100 1/32 slot cars. The downside is that a lot of the buildings and even a lot of the vehicles simply aren’t available in 1/32.

If I go 1/24, I can get basically anything. Buildings, lifts, cars, trucks, trailers, figures if I wanted to (I don’t). But it would require more of an investment on my part in terms of model building, which I’m fine with.

Right now, I’m basically at 80% in favor of 1/24. The determining factor is that I don’t think there’s a single 1/32 slot car I have that I couldn’t get a 1/24 model of. 1/24 styrene buildings are cheap and plentiful, and I’ve got enough room to have plenty going on in the diorama.


Exoto 1:18 Sauber C9 for your time:


What say you, LaLD?

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