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Diorama Pond: 3rd Layer Down

I wasn’t going to give an update for EVERY layer of realistic water I laid down, but with this third layer it really started to look like a pond. That was reason enough to share. More cool info below.


My coworker lent me this, Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. This is a one-part product (as opposed to the popular two-part one), and it can only be laid in layers of 1/16-1/18 of an inch. The solution is VERY thick, but still a tad watery. It takes a full 24 hours for a layer to dry, but with the third layer I finally got below the top of the bottle’s label, so it can apparently go a long way.

I do like the results of this product so far. It does take a long time to get a deep pond, as I’m pushing on Day 3 of it, but the wait is worth it I think, :)

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