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Diorama Test Drive: Johnny Lightning Demolition Derby Plymouth Fury

I’ve been crazy busy working on my Garage/Junkyard Diorama. I still have to add a few details. But, the core amount of work is done. Finding decent junkyard pics for the background is harder than I thought!

I have to showcase this awesome Johnny Lightning Demo Derby car first. I absolutely love it! The detail is terrific and it looks every bit like a derby car that would be found at the events around here. I am in love with the entire series and have a few more in the mail inbound.


Engine detail is pretty awesome. I’m glad it’s not smurf blue like the rest of the car.

Inside of the garage needs a ton of work. I have lighting wired up, but the inside is so ugly it’s not worth turning on the lights just yet.


The details on this car are just so sharp. I am in love.


Here’s the full setup. Garage to the left and aged sand tower to the right. I plan on detailing up some wrecked cars to put behind the fence. For now, some beat up Lesneys will have to do. More to come later. This project is definitely keeping me busy!

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