It’s a simple one, and not yet complete, but since I made some progress on it and finally found two of the three Raceday cars I’ve been looking for, I had to try it out.

It’ll just be a simple straight little piece of road that will look decent with different background images. It’s just missing some striping at the moment, and perhaps a few larger rocks and some greenery along the perimeter.

I found an 8x12 piece of plywood at the craft store, added spackle, and for road texture sprinkled sand on the wet spackle, after which I “steamrolled” it with a can of spray paint. It didn’t come out perfectly, since the spackle started pulling a little after rolling it, but I pressed on anyway and with some paint and dry brushing I think it turned out okay.

The dirt on the side is regular white glue mixed into a paste with the help of sand of different guages and colors. I think that part turned out perfectly!


Just need to clean the edges and I’ll have a piece of road that works well for 1:64 as well as 1:43 models, and even could fit a smaller 1:18 in a pinch!

Obligatory Le Mans tie in

Side note: did anyone else notice that the card art on the Raceday series for each car is cut from one large image? Pretty cool little touch!


That’s the RX-3 and 935/78 at the bottom of the 914-6 card, and you kan make out the 962 and NSX on it as well! All five cars on one card.