Hello lald! And welcome to Dirty Dozen....err...half dozen! Since its lald's bday soon, I figured why not do a Dirty Dozen post to celebrate!

For anyone newer than Sept. 2014, I used to do a series where I go through my childhood cars, take pics, and share them with you guys to encourage childhood memories and the nostalgia factor.

Not sure if dirty dozen is here to stay, I just thought this would be cool to do. And sorry if I repeated any cars, technically the new guys haven't seen them, ;).

MBX Mazda RX7 s=1/59


MBX MB-Trac 1600Turbo s=1/77

HW Good Humor Truck


MBX '84 Dodge Caravan s=1/60

Maisto Merc-Benz SLK230