Let's say for a moment you became the person in charge at Mattel of overseeing the die-cast division. What changes would you implement?

For me, I would try to make Matchbox a cool niche brand worth a premium, over whatever they are trying now. You know how desirable those BMW 1Ms are? Make more like that! I would like to see MBX become a cool European style brand. Let them have the Alfas and the Minis. Give them headlight and taillight tampos. Maybe use the Boulevard series as a template. I would probably re-position them at about $1.99 between mainline Hot Wheels and Cool Classics. Right now there is very little interest in what Matchbox puts out and they are strangely almost always a dime more than the Hot Wheels they sit next to.

For Hot Wheels..............well, there's a lot of work to be done there in my opinion.

We all know the process: initial casting, recolor, different wheels, flames, police/fire chief version, etc, etc. However, I want to hear what you think! Please answer in the comments!