Thanks to Enginerrrrrrrrr' post about his polished Vipers, and Diecast Photography's informative comment about polishing the ZAMAC properly, this green-windowed Ferrari finally had an appropriate color scheme: nothing at all! This is a work in progress, as the rear vents and headlights still have to be detailed in.

After stripping the paint, the casting imperfections (such as the creases on the rear "hips" running from the B-pillar, down to the edge of the rear fender and ending on the taillights) were filed off. The ZAMAC finished was achieved by wet-sanding the body in dishwashing liquid diluted in water for roughly an hour using 1600 and 2000-grit sandpaper. After the body dried, a thin layer of clearcoat was applied and let dry under sunlight for 2 days. Details were painted on afterwards.

A better finish would have been achieved had I used a metal polish and polishing tip for a dremel, but I have none of those.