This is one of DNAs earliest cars (maybe even their first 1/43 scale example) The Audi 200 has been on my watch list for a while now. Pillarless Coupe and I have discussed in great lengths an issue with this casting that was prevalent in some of the stock photos. I bought this car because I wanted to see if those were actual issues or a result of the angle the pics were taken.

The issue I’m referring to is that of a forward rake, where the front of the car is lower than the back. I am pleased to say that that was just the angle of the stock photos or perhaps the way the car was screwed down to the plinth but once freed, this wagon sits level. And boy is it a looker.

The model is finished in a brilliant dark metallic green which can be hard to photograph sans direct light. Lots of little details, such as the emblem in the photo etched front grill and the turn indicators in the front bumper being actual pieces and not just a stripe of orange paint.


The overall wheel and tire diameter looks to be correct however the wheel itself might be a tad on the large side. I’m no expert in these old Audis but going off of the google image search results, they look a hair large. Not a major problem that should turn anyone off of this car though as there’s a lot to love here.

The level of detail in the taillights is outstanding. I’ll let the pic speak for itself but I am very impressed.


This model is for a true enthusiast, just look at that manual gear stick!


DNA packs a punch in the 1/43 scale world, especially when it comes to these wagons. I cannot wait to get my hands on more. The attention to detail is on par with some of the pricier brands and while these are not budget models, they are definitely a good value and well worth the price of admission.