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DNA Collectibles Subaru Leone 1800

DNA Collectibles is a relatively new model maker and right out of the gate, they were making oddball cars in 1/43 and 1/18 scale. The Audi 200, Peel P50, Rezvani Tank and Honda Urban EV Concept are just a few examples of what they’re busy producing while most other big name companies are recoloring a 65 Mustang or overpricing a new Mclaren. DNA has been running a few sales and I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about so I snagged the Audi 200 and this, a Subaru Leone 1800.

This is a second generation Leone wagon which ran from 1979-1989 and if the front end looks familiar, the Brat was based off of this same car. DNA Collectibles also offers a pretty red Brat in 1/43 scale to go along with this wonderful wagon.


There are a couple of things I want to point out with this model, the first being the window trim. While some resin model makers simply put a little silver sticker against the plastic windows to mimic a frame, DNA goes a step above and actually molds a window frame. This is a very nice touch that adds to the realistic look of the model that I’ve seen big name companies *cough Bestofshow cough* skimp out on. Also, look at those graphics! I want big turbo graphics on my 1:1 wagon!

The front end detail is very nice with a photo etched grille instead of a closed off slab of plastic and a 4wd badge on the hood. The model has a nice metallic flake that can be hard to notice unless it’s under a direct light.


The back is where things get interesting (keep your mind out of the gutter please). Look at all of those tiny little emblems. I wish I had a decent zoom or a good macro lens to zoom in because up close you can actually see each letter of the emblem clearly.


And check out those mudflaps! DNA again takes the extra step and adds the red 4wd lettering which is another nice touch. The taillights fit on the model perfectly and don’t show the mounting stubs at all.


It’s hard to get a good look inside but I had to point out that rad steering wheel. Very 80s.


So the verdict? DNA has brought a very highly detailed 1/43 model to the table here. This is as nice as, if not nicer, than any 1/43 Norev that I have. It may even be on par with my 1/43 Neo. But it’s resin and it’s a lightweight model which some people think is a bad thing. On the other hand, no matter what scale you look at, it’s the resin manufacturers that are making more and more oddball cars that would probably never get made otherwise. This model is absolutely worth the money and if an 80's Subaru is not your jam, take a look at the DNA Collectibles website because they’re sure to have something that you’ll enjoy (Saab 9-5 Sportcombi preorder is now live and I’m trying to hold off). They’ve also just announced their 2019 model footprint on Instagram (at least the 18 scale models) and I already know I’ll be buying at least two cars.

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