Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Does You Have Some of These Wheels to Trade?

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If so, I would love to work something out with you. These are variously referred to as “Real Rider Lace”, “RRLW”, and “Pro-Indy” wheels. They appeared on the 1998 Pro Racing Indy Cars (or CART cars... whichever, I don’t remember), and they have also been used on some subsequent premium Indy Car casts, like the 2012 IZOD Indy Racing League series. The tires may be blank, or may have Goodyear or Firestone logos.


(Apparently they are also used on the Toy Fair Porsche 934 RSR and the BMW Z4 M Motorsport STH, but I wouldn’t pirate wheels from those, even if somebody was crazy enough to trade with me, lol.)

If you do have some you are willing to part with, please let me know. I have a custom project going that just wouldn’t look right without these wheels, and I really want to keep it all-HW.


Here are some links to more photos that I do not own.

Thanks everybody!

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