I like variety so that’s why I bought these. They are not of the highest quality diecast cars but, they’re acceptable. What I don’t like the most is the ride height. You would think something that is officially licensed would be better quality. I do like the fact that these are held together by one screw at the base. Perhaps with some minor modifications these cars can be lowered.

These are made by a company named Jam’n Products. I guess “Gear’d Up” and “Shelby Collectibles” are series.....similar to how Hot Wheels release series such as Cool Classics and Heritage.


1967 Shelby GT500

The two Gear’d Up brand Mustangs on the right next to some Maisto Mustangs


Gear’d Up brand Mustangs with some HW Mustangs

A red Gear’d Up Ford GT along with some HW Ford GT’s