A couple of older grabs and a Walmart hawl today.

Grabbed three of these at Target because they were $2.59 each instead if the usual $3.59 or $4.00 everywhere else! You may have seen the other one in my IHWEP post earlier.

Next up is the Greenwood Corvette to go with my other Vettes and a blue 458 Italia because I apparently find blue Ferraris. :)


At Walmart, I came across a 007 dump bin that was mostly untouched and had several complete sets of the 007 series. I also found some cool new cars I didn’t have including the Stratos, but no THs or 180SX. Stupid scalpers grab all the good stuff. And finally...

this gorgeous pair of M2 1966 Shelby GT350Hs. Because Mustang!

Thanks for looking!