Big things with little cars

Double-Feature: Sema Edition

One of my favourite things to do with my collection is to match up cars with trucks and vans and haulers with similar colour schemes or graphics. In this case, we have a team that was purposely made by Hot Wheels. You guys might remember that at Sema 2013, HW revealed a 1:1 Ford Transit Connect and Rip Rod:


Next to them was a more conventionally HW-sized pair:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a set us average mortals could buy. Luckily, Hot Wheels decided to release similar versions in the mainline, albeit with a big delay between this version of the Transit and the Rip Rod. You might be a little tired of seeing the latter since it just came out. However, I’m pretty excited because I finally have the pair.


I’m a little bummed I don’t have the matching trailer, but I knew that’d never make it to any kind of mass production. Well, thanks for reading!

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