Big things with little cars

That’s right, we’ve got a double whammy of HW news today.

Let’s start with the new casting. Courtesy of T-Hunted, there’s a new VW Beetle casting, and it’s a pickup truck.


In other news...collectors, get yourselves ready. Because K-Days isn’t dead. According to Orange Track Diecast, the next one will happen in just over two weeks, on Saturday, September 22nd.

There’s no word yet on which assortment (likely 2019s, probably A or B case), what the Kmart exclusives are (last year, the September exclusives were 2017 recolors in 2018 packaging), or what the first-to-markets are (likely B or C case models, depending on which main assortment the cases will have), or if the starting time will remain at 9am local time, or shift forward a couple of hours in response to Target’s collector event starting time in June.


The only other things that ARE known is that the main-in car is the TV Series Batmobile, and that cases will go on sale online likely on the 16th.

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