Big things with little cars

Double Take (and a little story)

After I picked up the blue Mazda RX-7 from my failure on Saturday. I head over to Target again today and saw them put up the new sidekick display and filled with goodies.

I like the recolor of the T2 pickup way more than the first release color. The Kool Kombies I left behind.


While I was browsing through the new stuff, something I find hilarious happened. There was a mom with her young son (roughly 4 years old) came down the aisle and saw me looking at the cars and asked his mom if he can get one. Of course the mom vetoed that wish and as they both walked away, the mom said this to his son:

“He’s seems a bit grown up to be looking at those cars.”

As soon as they disappeared around the corner, I can’t constrict my laughter anymore at just how ignorant and stupid that comment was and can only think: “Clearly you haven’t heard of us (LaLD).”

That’s all for now and catch you guys tomorrow. Cheers.

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