Dusty Crumpet

Here’s what I posted to the Superfly contest. I’m really happy with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the shots I wanted (something not in the dirt) before the deadline. I kinda thought it was Friday until I saw some of the posts on here today while at work, then I rushed and submitted a split pic of the rear 3/4 and front 1/4 views. Not the best submission but really happy with the car, so I could care less. TBH, most of my customs don’t roll particularly well, but this one was spot on for stability and rolling smoothness, so I’m even prouder of that.

On to the main event. It’s an Aston Martin V8 vantage on lifted suspension. Velocity stacks were added as well as crash bars and skid plates. Some sweet exhaust that’s kinda hard to see out back too. I cut off the plastic bumpers for suspension travel and added a roll cage and some boards where the rear window used to be for a bed used for tie downs. Thought about adding a spare tire but it looked to obtrusive for now. Anyway, it’s all hand painted, haven’t figured out decals yet and can’t seem to remember to get the Brillo pads for rust (not that this would need it since the body is all aluminum). Enjoy!


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