This is a build that has been I can the works longer then I’d like to admit. And, As you can also see on this page, this was completely inspired by a car I saw in the background in Nate13's Warhol M1 update.

Even though it was in the background, and blurry, I thought it was awesome. It looked easy enough to replicate, and I figured it’d fit in really well in my display case.

It’s funny as I originally bought it as a wheel donor, and then wound up putting in all the effort to free the wheels, just to later put them back on. Painting the wheels came out nice, which was a surprise because as I’ve mentioned multiple times before... I HATE WHITE.


It was originally done, and I showed Nate13 the car on IG, and after mentioning doing a dual feature, I kinda looked at it, and immediately dumped it back in the stripper.

If I was going to recreate a car, I wanted it to look fantastic.

So I went back. After struggling to get paint properly stripped from the original cast, I wound up taking another cast, and stripping that down.


Is it me, or are the car culture cars harder to strip then the mainlines?

Anyway, after polishing down and filing the cast lines (something I hadn’t done on the original car), I carefully painted this, making sure I didn’t royally screw it up.

And then next, I did the interior.

I have to say, I love how my interior turned out. It’s one of the best interiors I’ve done to date, and dare I say philiphilip levels of cool.


It has M stripes abound in a classy matter, with a red rollcage.


So that’s it! I’ll likely be going back and redoing the headlights, but for now, I love this thing and it’s sitting in my “to be displayed”, next to my 911 GT2, and other favorite customs.

Also massive shoutout to Nate13 for not getting pissed off for stealing his idea haha.