Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Easing into Customs: Honda Butts Edition

Since I’m prepping for some more involved customs (which I will document here, naturally) I decided to start messing around with some cheap mainlines to get my feet wet. Perhaps you saw my CSL?

Das Fledermausauto

Next up, I went after a few Hondas I like. My new NSX and Civic EF.

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The NSX started worse and went better. It comes with rear tampo tail lights, but they were a mess right off the card. They were misaligned, and they didn’t touch the spoiler, which to me is a signature design touch of the NSX. Some work with a red permanent marker paid off. You can see the color is a bit off but at human being distances it’s barely noticeable. And I like that the red goes up the spoiler now.

Then, the Civic. Oh boy the Civic. For this one I tried masking with thin tape strips, and it worked. The red bars across came out really nicely, though the silver for the reverse lights bled a little. Then I got stupid and used an orange marker to make the corner blinkers, and since it was curvy I didn’t mask. It got into the seams and thus began my dive into “The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good” territory.


What you see above included my correcting a minor error with a poorly-purposed white pen below the right rear. Shortly after this was taken, I tried to fix it more, and wound up messing it all up.

But it’s okay. I have proper paint pens on the way, though they’re going to be another two weeks. Amazon doesn’t tell you that they get shipped on the slow boat from China. Still, the white pen in there should fix my mistake.


I learned a lot here. Working with a magnifier is a blessing and a curse. It’s good when you’re doing the thing, but it also makes imperfections look way worse than they really are. And when you’re new, trying to solve those can often make the whole thing worse.

Well, cheap lesson learned, and I can probably still fix it. The tougher stuff lies ahead.


**UPDATE: I was able to partially fix the EF’s bumper using an X-acto knife. Basically, I put the blade into where the seam should be and applied gentle pressure. It brought a good measure of the casting definition back. It’s still a bit lumpy and discolored, but it looks better. 

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