On my way to to Easter brunch I stopped by the Trevose flea market and found some cool casts to add to my basket.

MBX Volvo C30

MBX Land Rover Discovery

MBX Audi Quattro. I found 2x of these for a $1! One of them will be a custom.


So after never even knowing about this MBX Mercury Sable wagon until seeing it on LALD. I managed to find one on card. Too bad its missing a drivers side corner light for some weird reason. Happy to find it though.

I've always been a fan of this AMG coupe. Now I have a reason to customize one of the loose ones I have. Should be badass. Look out for this one in the future.


I love me some Rovers. This color variation is perfect too. Now I wish I bought the other one.


I've always wanted to do a custom Zombot. Now I have my chance.

cool '57 Chevy


Zee toys? Mercedes G-wagon once owned by the secret service apparently. I'm thinking lifted trail runner is in its future.

And lastly a cool blue MBX Morris mini van.

Happy Easter everyone. Thanks for looking and see ya next time!