Much like with the non-existant 918 Spyders in the HW Porsche Series in my area, I never came across the Custom ‘12 Ford Mustang in the 50 Years Series either. This forced me to buy a complete set at the antique mall at what amounted to $2.00 per car. Not a bad price considering when I bought it, complete sets were selling on eBay for $30.00 and more before shipping. Individual cars were around $7.00. So, here I was with a complete set and the other seven cars sitting incomplete, and I finally decided to get the last car to make another full set. (Now I can open a set!)

As my nickname states, I am a Mustang fan. My mom bought one brand new in 1966 and it became my first car. I’ve loved them ever since, prompting me to buy my current car, a 2010 red V6 convertible. I even went to the Mustang 50th birthday celebration in Las Vegas last year. I appreciate most cars, but I love Mustangs (and Porsche 911s but that’s another story). So imagine my surprise and utter delight to see this attached to my car’s blister!

This made my day so much that I went ahead and messaged the seller after the fact, thanking them. I know it’s not a big thing but that button really is awesome to me. It will find a place on the Mustang display for sure!

Thanks for reading!