You know that saying “a sucker born every minute?” Well, eBay got me to spend more of my money this week, and I ain’t even mad.

As you know, I recently scored a mint UT Models Porsche 911 GT1 off the bay of E. They quickly took advantage of my search history and showed me this UT Ferrari 355 in my “related items” feed. It was missing a side mirror but hey for only $14, I figured it was worth a look. The seller had an option to submit an offer, so I went $10, he came back $12, and then I paid the man.

Apparently he had the mirror still because it fell out of the box when I opened it. A drop of Krazy glue and 15 seconds later, I have a nice looking UT 355!


But wait, there’s more! The sellers ad for the 355 mentioned that he would combine shipping...meaning he had more models for sale. Of course I had to look! While scrolling through I spotted this Maisto 550. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I mainly wanted it for parts. I have a UT 550 from forever ago that was missing a wheel, so I’m hoping to marry the two to make one awesome 550. He wanted $15, I offered $10, we agreed upon $13.


Then! Then I spotted this Revel Mythos Concept. 10-year old Sn210 was obsessed with concept cars in the 90’s, and equally obsessed over anything Ferrari. The Mythos was a concept designed by Pininfarina. Allegedly two of them were bought by the Sultan of Brunei. I’ve wanted this model for a while, and this guy on eBay had one for $13. I think I stole it at $10! The model itself is nothing to write home about, but I love the looks of this car.

So yeah, eBay worked an extra $40 out of my wallet, but I did add a few Ferraro’s to my stable and hopefully will return my UT 550 to its glory. Watch out for those related items, kids.