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eBay HAWL [Wagon Quest]

So I was looking for Chevy Nomads on eBay and found a guy selling a couple and a few other cars that I just had to have.


From left to right, the '50 Buick wagon, '56 Nomad, and Classic Nomad. The '57 Nomad is really really nice.

El Caminos. The '59 on the left is also extremely nice and I didn't even know about it until I saw it on the sellers listings.. The others are just mainlines, but I didn't have either casting and I like me some car-truck-things.


The Corvette Grand Sport is a great casting plagued by questionable color choices. I've got 2 already, but the colors on this one are very classy. The race livery on the Cougar Eliminator was speaking to me. The '65 Corvette was one of the few Hot Wheels Corvettes I didn't have yet.

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