Welcome to another edition of the Ebay Insanity Price Index! The original concept of these posts has been to look up the best price I can find on eBay for a diecast and then compare it to the highest price I can find for the Exact. Same. Product.

This time I’m mixing it up slightly, however.

Before we start, though, you still have a chance to pick up that completely unexceptional 2009 Hypermite featured in the last Index for $5000!

For tonight’s Special Edition of the Index we’ll follow these rules:

1) Instead of featuring the ridiculous prices some people list their models for, which quite likely never sell, we will look only at eBay auctions with items that actually sold.


2) We will look solely at Treasure Hunts. For tonight’s article, the 12 models that made up the lineup in 2007.

3) Finally, we will average out the price of the last 3 sold.

An introduction (or refresher) on Treasure Hunts be found with this Diecast 101:


These limited edition diecasts originally debuted in 1995, but it wasn’t until 2007 that the marketing geniuses at Mattel unveiled a second Treasure Hunt series that would dwarf the originals. Regardless of the impact Supers (or as they have occasionally been labeled by Mattel on the packaging: $upers, Trea$ure Hunt$ or T-Hunt$) have had on collecting, I really do think it was a brilliant move. The heightened anticipation among collectors simply to learn which models will be offered in Super TH form has brought intrigue and excitement to every new case Hot Wheels releases. It’s created a fury among sites that cover Hot Wheels just over rumors and speculation of what might be offered months and months in advance. And it’s spawned at least one website dedicated solely to listing and describing each model of Treasure Hunt. The aptly named hwtreasure.com will be indispensable for this Index.

For the purpose of this article we will only consider Super Treasure Hunt auctions featuring the “standard” versions (no errors, short cards, lots, factory sealed set versions, and, certainly, no customs). Only the listings in which a single Super Treasure Hunt model is bought for the asking price (no “best offer accepted”) will be used. The total prices will also include the shipping cost.


Complete List of 2007 Super Treasure Hunts in Order of Release

‘69 Pontiac GTO (designed by Phil Riehlman)
Nissan Skyline (designed by Alec Tam)
‘Tooned ‘69 Camaro Z28 (designed by Phil Riehlman)
Corvette C6R (designed by Jun Imai)
Mega Thrust (designed by Phil Riehlman)
Hammer Sled (designed by Greg Padginton)
Brutalistic (designed by Mark Jones)
Jaded (designed by Mike Nuttall)
Enzo Ferrari (designed by Mark Jones)
Custom ‘69 Chevy (designed by Phil Riehlman)
Cadillac V-16 (designed by Phil Riehlman)
Evil Twin (designed by Larry Wood)


The first year of Supers made an extremely strong debut. Of note were the Corvette C6R, the Nissan Skyline (yes JDM!), Cadillac V16. and ‘69 Pontiac GTO. Amazingly, not a single Mustang made the cut! Yet it still featured a few duds that didn’t even make the “3 sale average” in the last month.

‘69 Pontiac GTO


Average: $20.58

$20 for a $1 car is still silly, but as the first release, this is vaguely reasonable.


Nissan Skyline


Average: $60.30

Ok guys we’ve all seen the Fast & the Furious (actually no, I’ve never seen any :P ) but this seems a little out of control. Amazingly, JDM doesn’t return to the lineup for another few years.


‘69 Camaro Z28


Average: $35.28


Corvette C6R


Average: $25.16

Pick your auctions carefully!

Mega Thrust


Average: $11.48

The Mega Thrust is one of the most incredible fantasy cars. Designed by rock star designer Phil Riehlman(of the Drag Bus), this car sounds like a kazoo if you blow through it! Given this (relative) failure the Mega Thrust was renamed the Nightburner. Mattel has clearly not given up on it, however. It returned as a regular Treasure Hunt in 2014.


Hammer Sled


Average: $10.18

Motorcycles. It’s a niche that causes this to be the least expensive of the Supers. It still goes for 10x the original retail price. So there’s that.




Average: $11.22

Stupid name.



Average: $16.40

Looks vaguely like a Karmann Ghia.

Enzo Ferrari


Average: $109.47

Just insane. Literally insane. I assume this Enzo has skyrocketed to such a lofty price due to the reported end of the Hot Wheels/Ferrari relationship, but even so triple digits for a 1/64 scale model less than 10 years old seems excessive. Want a 1:18 version of this car? $50 is much closer to the average. Made by the same company.


Custom ‘69 Chevy


Average: $18.10

Not my cup of tea, but enjoy.

Cadillac V16


Average: $16.40

This was a cool concept car. $16 shouldn’t keep one up at night.

Evil Twin


Another forgotten. In demand the least of the Supers but still selling occasionally. It was designed by Larry Wood who will make a splash later...


Next up in 2008: The Quombee!