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eBay Price Index: Speed Machines Corvette C6R edition

With apologies to our fearless leader, Jeff Simmons, I felt like I had to post something about this after seeing these prices.

Lead photo provided by androo. See bottom of post for link.

I know I’m preaching to the choir when it comes to complaining about scalpers. I tacked a mini-rant on the end of my post about the MBX Rally Vettes yesterday and many of you shared my frustrations. (Small aside: I caved and bought the ROADRCR Corvettes because one of the Canadians took a lower offer than the list price. Not great, but better.)


I was going through my saved searches (adding, removing, etc.) on eBay this morning and decided I might as well add a search for the Jake-livery Speed Machines Corvette C6R since I might get lucky one of these days. You see, I already knew the prices were dumb (not insane... yet), and that it’s rare to see one on eBay anyway, but I was actually a little surprised by the numbers I saw.

In the photo below are the only three Speed Machines C6Rs available on eBay at the moment. As you can see, the more generic red one is listed for just $7.80 while the Jake-livery cars are considerably higher. $32 and $87. Are you serious?

The Jake-livery C6R is considered by many to be the best cast in the Speed Machines line. It’s arguably the best, most accurate racing Corvette Hot Wheels has produced outside of the ROADRCR Greenwood Corvette. It’s covered in realistic race decals, including driver names on the roof, that mimic the 1:1 C6R and it’s headlight tampos really aren’t that bad for a C6 (almost every other HW C6 has horrible headlight tampos).


But we’re not talking about a STH here. This isn’t something that was mixed in with mainlines and would have been grabbed by scalpers collectors on day one. Yes, it was a premium release, but come on.

People must buy at these prices if anybody thinks they can actually get this kind of return. Or it’s a scalper collector who bought it a year ago for a bit less and wants to get their money back.


I guess I can’t complain too much when I just caved on the two ROADRCR Corvettes. They’ll end up being the most I’ve paid for any one car in my collection, which isn’t a great feeling, but being a Canada-only release makes them pretty rare on our side of the border. The Speed Machines cars aren’t that rare... they just don’t come up on eBay too often. I assume because they’re really good and even the absurd prices can’t entice some people to go to the dark side (of scalping).

Obviously if I wanted a better C6R cast I could certainly look at getting a Greenlight. CyborgAbeLincoln had a great post comparing them awhile back (yes, I linked this earlier in this post). The prices are more reasonable and it’s just a better C6 cast in general. But it doesn’t have Jake. And I love Jake. Take no prisoners.


Extended reading (and pics): androo made an excellent post about his Speed Machines collection last month if you want to get caught up on what this series was all about (and he agreed to let me use his photo to lead this post). Lamley also made a post just this morning about the McLaren F1 GTR that gave a bit of background on Speed Machines (and how it failed).

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