Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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eBay seller recommendation

Guys, if you ever find yourself craving some Kyoshos, be sure to check out Taaachi over on ebay. Same as fan favorite Japan Booster, he’s from japan, so you can expect a great selection, great product turnover, fair prices and great customer service. How great? I recently aquired a Kyosho R32 Skyline from him, and after a long wait (courtesy of the Brazilian customs office and postal service), was surprised to open the package and find a black R34 staring back at me. I messaged him through ebay with pictures to try and work out a return or an Exchange, but he wouldn’t accept it. Instead, he told me he’d mail the R32 free of charge, and that I could keep the R34 as an apology. I got the R32 in the mail today and, to my surprise, there was a second Skyline packaged along, a bonus R33, again as an apology car.

After all this, there’s no way I’d miss the opportunity to recommend his store over here, service as good as this must be rewarded, and I really want this guy to get more sales. So... Get on it, go buy Kyoshos!


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