Ecto/Hearse Custom Update

Spent much of the day working on restoring a beautiful Cadillac hearse today. Here’s what I got so far:


All holes were covered with tape and filled in with a body filler/cream hardening mixture. This took 2 tries to get right. Painting has been easy so far BUT the big hole that was filled in is turning a slightly different shade of black. I’ll be sanding it back and respraying several more times. The orange light was drilled out. Some hearses have a light, I prefer a hearse without but that’s just me. The biggest challenge I see is detailing the landau bar on the passenger side due to the middle section being filled with body filler. But that’s not a problem for today. For anyone wanting to do this, some tips:

The rear bumper is separate from everything.

The windows are riveted in, you’ll need drill the rivet out, remove the windows and then dremel/grind the leftovers off.


Whatever you use to cover the holes and hold the body filler, make sure it is STIFF. The filler will crumble apart and you’ll have a big mess otherwise.

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