I apologize that I don’t have anything to show for Land of the Rising Sun-day but I am back with another installment of my EDC Rampage’s most recent interesting outing.

August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. Every year on this day A&W give out free root beer float with or without purchase and it’s part of their charity for the Wounded Soldiers Foundation. I nearly forgot about it until one of my friends on Facebook made a post on it while on her lunch break.

So earlier in the day, while I went out hunting I stopped by a local A&W and got one. Now I wonder what other sodas are good pairing with vanilla ice cream. Do you guys have any ideas?

Oh, and about the hunt, nothing too special. Still waiting for the N case to hit my area. I did however found these:


The new MBX Color Changers. There were a few other ones like the GMC pickup, Mustang 4x4, and these VW Transporter Cabs. I left them simply because the tampos were the same as the first release which I already have and prefer the cleaner no tampos green version with front fascia details from the recent mainlines case that are beginning to show up at stores.

That’s all for now, we’ll see where the EDC Rampage will go next. Cheers.