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EDC Tacoma: The Lucky One

It has been a very long time since the last update with the EDC Tacoma. Some may even thought I stopped doing it. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten the outgoing Taco at all. To refresh and inform all the new readers here EDC stands for Every Day Carry, a series I’ve been running since 2015 where I carry a diecast voted by this awesome community with me on my daily commute and do small posts sharing interesting events in my life. Sadly, the word interesting couldn’t be applied for my life in the past several months. Just been boring repetition of the same thing (work, school, and repeat) and haven’t been traveling much. Which is why I haven’t done a post on the EDC Tacoma for such a long time.

However, something interesting did happen last night as I was taking out the trash. I came upon this little fella.


This little gal, (yes, this is a she as verified by my local vet this morning) was lost and was huddling close to the sidewalk ledge in the parking lot. You see there were a row of bushes near where I live for a long while, with the rabbit burrows locating underneath them. But recently the bushes were torn up and replaced with a truckload of pebbles. As this youngster maybe just had one of her first outings from the nest and don’t know how to get back. Add to that, at least two cats own by my nearby neighbors like to stroll in the cool night might not be the best situation for this little one to be stuck outside. So she came home with me.

This morning the vet told me she is about 4 weeks old and may have to stay with me for 2 weeks before setting her free. She is very clean and free of any fleas or ticks which was good news as it can cause serious health risk for me.

It’s Friday which is pretty sweet as is, allow me to add a bit more sweetness to that:

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