Elliotts Lead 'Dega to the Green

Today, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series runs at Talladega Superspeedway. It is known as the largest and fastest track on the schedule and is always home to big crashes and close finishes.

For this race, rookie Chase Elliot starts from the pole, his second of the year, but this should be no surprise when you combine Hendrick and Elliot. His father, Bill, holds the fastest ever lap recorded in NASCAR history at a ridiculously fast 212.809 mph average speed. Due to the dangers this poses, the cars now run restrictor plates to keep the speeds down to a more reasonable 192.661 mph in single car form.


The most exciting part of superspeedway racing is “the draft.” All of the cars run nose to tail in a 3 hour long, 200 mph traffic jam. It’s something truly unique to NASCAR.

Drivers travel the country and live at the track at least 36 weekends a year. They need a little home away from home.

As for the diecast, I just opened both of these. The Coors (kid edition) ‘89 Thunderbird is by Racing Champions and has some nice real riders. Chase’s car is last year’s Darlington throwback to a similar scheme in NAPA colors. I’ve yet to see his new 24 car, and as a huge Jeff Gordon fan, it’s hard to cheer for another team, so I’m on the look out.

The Alabama State Troopers are all over the place, helping get the show on the road

Thanks to GTRGuy (formerly P1Guy) and vdubyajohn for these HWEP cars, They look great! I don’t have a chance to get much Greenlight in the neighborhood.


If you have the matching AMC Javelin or ‘85 Bounder (either version) let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Tune into the race at noon today!!!

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