Big things with little cars

Engine week Day 2. Furious 6 Cylinder vehicles. This is a terrific Johnny Lightning AMC Rebel “The Machine”. Fun Fact: you would think that my nickname outside of LaLD is Alien Probe eh? nope. My co-workers refer to me as “the Machine” as well. I have a reputation of just plowing through as much work as possible every day without taking a break. It’s just the way I like to focus. Why I can’t channel that focus when working on diecast customs is beyond me...

This JL AMC is just amazing. Terrific details all around and PERFECT size text on the tires. A very well balanced model that I am happy to have.

I’m going to declare this the 6 cyl version because the Rebel also had an optional V8. But I cant find any information about which one came with two air filters which are shown on this engine. Is it a V12? Should I have saved this for later in the week?


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