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Engine Week 1:64 F-Toys Isuzu Bellet Gt

My entry for LaLD Engine week 2018 4 Cyl. Day: F-Toys’ Isuzu Bellet Gt in 1:64 scale. A very nicely detailed non-diecast car. Yep, it’s all plastic. But, still very well done. I’m especially fond of the clear lenses for the headlights and fogs (tail lights too, but hardly noticeable).

Very nice tampos and details all around. Accurate wheels and overall proportions make this a very charming model. Best part is a flip forward hood that shows us the amazingly detailed engine. Truth be told... this car got choosen by default because I cant find any other cars in my collection that reveal a nicely detailed 4 cylinder engine. I certainly will fix that.



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