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Engine Week: 4-cylinder Offenhauser

Engine Week is going to be tricky for me, as my collection is mostly small castings, and predominantly of cars sporting V8's.

I featured this model a couple years ago. That post is VERY pic heavy, so by all means go feast your eyes on the goodies there. I took a few new pictures of it for today, on top of my grandfather’s desk. My grandfather was not a diecast collector, but he loved the Indy 500, and this model was displayed on top of this desk for the last several years of his life. The desk originally belonged to my great grandfather. I figured they deserved some photos together.


I’ll let Wikipedia do the bulk of the history lesson, but the Offenhauser 4-cylinder engine dominated the Indy 500 for decades. Interesting detail, the cylinder block and head are cast as one single unit. That must have made building and rebuilding them a gigantic PITA!


Hopefully Kinja rotates this picture when it actually posts. Here is my great-grandfather’s desk, along with my grandfather’s foot locker, custom made boots, and medal display case from his time fighting under Patton in WWII.

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