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Engine Week: Hold My Beer

Ah yes. Another model that hasn’t seen the light of day in a tremendously long time. Being a somewhat avid JDM collector (though not on the level of some of you.. cough cough Androoo), I haven’t had the desire to display this rather rare AutoArt.


As for the model, story was I picked it up on some sketchy website that I have since forgot the name of for $59 shipped. Around a decade ago, AutoArt simply couldn’t let these go. They were essentially the pegwarmers of AutoArts. However... as time passed, model retired, and all 6,000 examples were sold, the prices of these skyrocketed to roughly $300.


This model was what pushed me towards AutoArts in the first place. Back in high school, the thought of spending roughly $60 on a model was unbelievably wild. I could bear the thought of spending that much on a ‘toy’... needless to say, I am a changed man.

Since receiving the model and examining every crooks and cranny of it, I was blew away by the level of detail and craftsmanship AutoArt was able to squeeze into a 1:18 model. So the moral of this rather uninteresting and lackluster story is... this AutoArt Viper SRT-10 had cost me thousands in AutoArt expenses within the past decade. But do I regret it? Absolutely not. :)

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