Ah yes. Another model that hasnā€™t seen the light of day in a tremendously long time. Being a somewhat avid JDM collector (though not on the level of some of you.. cough cough Androoo), I havenā€™t had the desire to display this rather rare AutoArt.

As for the model, story was I picked it up on some sketchy website that I have since forgot the name of for $59 shipped. Around a decade ago, AutoArt simply couldnā€™t let these go. They were essentially the pegwarmers of AutoArts. However... as time passed, model retired, and all 6,000 examples were sold, the prices of these skyrocketed to roughly $300.


This model was what pushed me towards AutoArts in the first place. Back in high school, the thought of spending roughly $60 on a model was unbelievably wild. I could bear the thought of spending that much on a ā€˜toyā€™... needless to say, I am a changed man.

Since receiving the model and examining every crooks and cranny of it, I was blew away by the level of detail and craftsmanship AutoArt was able to squeeze into a 1:18 model. So the moral of this rather uninteresting and lackluster story is... this AutoArt Viper SRT-10 had cost me thousands in AutoArt expenses within the past decade. But do I regret it? Absolutely not. :)