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Engine Week: The one you've all been waiting for.

For LaLDers who’s been around for the past three years at least, would likely remember this beauty.. (or would it be considered a beast)? Anyways, the story of this model came from the help of fellow LaLDers such as yourself!


For my college graduation, I wanted to reward myself with something that was quite a bit out of my price range at the time. The decision was between this, a WRE Veyron Supersports or a GT Spirit G63 AMG. However, after posting a discussion on which you would all prefer, I got a unanimous vote: The Pagani Zonda Revoluccion.

I happily agreed and cave in to the purchase. To this date, it’s been one of my favorite purchases ever made. The model baffles me every single time and I often take a second look at the engine bay before going on with my daily life. The V12 AMG is literally one of the best and most detailed engines AutoArt has ever made. Period. It represents the epitome of AutoArt and the best the diecast company had to offer... before they dropped the ball and came out with a shit storm of plastic models.


Anyways, although this post will likely not the get the ‘highest rated’ or the ‘most amount of stars’ or beat out by Hotwheels, I felt like the AutoArt Zonda Revoluccion is an absolute choice piece for the day. I mean... the whole point of Car Week and Engine Week are to show case what we have in our individual collections and not an actual competition right?


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