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Engine Week - Turbo 6 Mail Day

I recently began a collecting quest to pick up every single Hot Wheels Grand National... I made a deal with a Grand National enthusiast (he sent me a video of his mancave that was covered in Grand National memorabilia, diecast etc along with the 1:1) for 11 different GNs. The box came in today... check it out, the seller even has custom GN logo address labels!


The main one in this deal was this Boulevard model. I’m a sucker for real riders and there are very few “premium” treatments of this casting. The card is a little rough but the price for the whole package was pretty good so this might get opened up if I find a nicer condition card.

This “Hot Ones” model was priced excellently, and I didn’t even realize that it had the white letter tires which I read means its a chase model(?)


My favorite mainline is probably this plain blue one, which was a KMart exclusive


I’m on the lookout for these Grand Nationals if anyone wants to make a deal or trade. Would prefer to get multiples at once than acquiring single cars

Maroon with 5 spoke silver wheels
White Pennzoil (Redline)
White Pennzoil (OH5 with white lip)
Silver Pennzoil
Modern Classics Spectraflame Blue
Modern Classics Spectraflame Black
Fast and Furious
Hot Wheels Racing Circuit

and the 80s Hot Ones Mountain Dew Racing/Buick Stocker (on card)

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