I've been working (for a very very long time) on these customs and they are getting close to coming to completion.

First up is this Cobra. This was my very first hot wheels car, and as such...it was in a poor state. Had to refurbish it! It's close to completion. Only thing left are some details, decals (shark nose anyone?) and a gloss coat. I kinda like the grungy bare-metal finish.

Next is this testarossa. It was donated by Boxerfanatic and had seen some shit. The a-pillar was cracked and the glass is crushed. No matter. This guy has been the one that I have experimented with as I do the other customs. I wanted to do a red spectraflame...but the lacquer is apparently purple...huh...

Next up is my soon-to-be Jagermeister BMW 2002. Kind-of a spectraflame orange going on with the flat black. Still needs decals, details, and a gloss-coat.


Finally, some stripped-down cars ready to be painted. The Kenmeri Skyline will go black to go along with my 3 other GTRs of different generations. The Porsche 930 will go black and targa-top, and the Porsche 935/78 will go the way of Moby Dick. That will be the most challenging...especially with the martini paint-job.


Welp, time to get back to work!