So it turns out I didn’t actually collect 10 models worth posting here... I can only count to 7...

So I’mma do my top 10 favorite pics I took of diecast this year instead. It should cover just about all of those anyways...


Picked up this Spark 956 LeMans winner at Rennsport this year. Got it signed by Norbert Singer and Hurley Haywood. Would probably be higher up on the list if it was just focusing on diecast, but alas this is a photo list.



Another Spark 1:43. This 1981 Porsche 917 Kremer car. Such a cool story about this car.



(old model) This one comes from our LaLD Car Week series. This 190E from Hot Wheels is truly exceptional.



(old model) LaLD Engine Week submission. McLaren F1 GTR staring you in the face.



Got this GT Spirit model this year and fell in love with the paint. The little details are so good.



1:43 TSM picked up right before Rennsport Reunion. Got it signed by George Follmer and Hans Mezger. GREAT little model even if I have to apply the decals myself.



One of the ‘hero cars’ at Rennsport Reunion this year. This 1:43 Spark model is super detailed and super delicate. Also one of my few models taken outside this year.



This is a pretty special one as well - and also from Rennsport Reunion (my diecast budget for that trip was severely exceeded...). The new 935. I still can’t get a # count on this model and Minichamps has basically denied that they’re making any more of these (through email correspondence where I had to first prove to them that yes, they actually made it). Only number I’ve heard of these being made is 100... who knows what the actual number is.



(old model) You ever take a photo and it comes out better than expected and you audibly say ‘whoa....’? This shot was the first time I did that. Messed around with some photo techniques and surprised myself. This was taken for LaLD’s car week.



Taking what I learned on that Alfa shoot, I applied it to my birthday present: this 1:18 AutoArt of my favorite car in my favorite livery.

Well overall this was a pretty good year for me! I’ve got something coming very soon to kick off the new year :D No, it’s not a Porsche this time.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a great diecast year in 2019!