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Enormous Die-Cast Collection - Close Up 3

This request for more pictures came from reader vdubyajohn - who I’m guessing has a favorite car manufacturer...

He posted some pictures of a Motormax car but was unsure what it was...but happened to notice that I may have one too!

It was identified in his comments section as a 1988 Mitsubishi S2X concept car and Vdub asked if I could get some more pictures of mine without messing with the packaging.


Well, the car I have definitely seems to be the same car, though without the sticker on the side and it seems to be a brighter red and a whiter interior. However, the packaging is still actually sealed with it’s original stickers that prevent the box from opening prematurely (because we all hate it when that happens.).

But, on the plus side, the car sits very loosely in the packaging so I was able to basically shake it into position to get a few better shots.


Huh - I thought I had taken more pictures than that! I’m sorry!

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