Well guys, that’s it!

Well, not really. What I mean is, that’s it for the first group of boxes stashed all over my garage. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed so far:

In that stack is 14 boxes containing lots of cool cars - and just a few duplicates. For those who are curious, so far I’ve counted 984 cars. The highest count was the 2nd MCD box with 284 cars and the lowest was the farm equipment at 21 vehicles.

For a sense of scale, here’s a taste of what’s still to come.....

There’s a few more hiding under here....


And here....

Ohh, yeah....and here:


There’s more behind this stack too but I couldn’t get back there to get pictures of it.

I may be at this for awhile!!

Thank you guys so much for the feedback, the questions, the interest, and the opportunity to post this incredible collection. It’s been fun to learn more and figure out what’s what!


Stay tuned!

Here is everything so far:

Box 1 - The entire Fire Department

Box 2 - Alot of Jeeps

Box 3 - Scratching the Hot Wheels Surface

Box 4 - Johnny Lightning in a Box

Box 5 - Boxes of Tomica

Box 6 - Down on the Farm

Box 7 - A Bunch of Stuff

Box 8 - Maisto, Maestro!

Box 9 - Siku, sucker!

Box 10 - Hot Wheels - Circa 2008

Box 11 - Home of the Big Mac

No New Boxes Day!

Box 12 - WTF are these??

Box 13 - More Hot Wheels

Box 14 - Holy Happy Meals, Batman!