It’s a sad day, fellas! This concludes the second round in my fight against garage space! Don’t worry though, we STILL haven’t made it into the bulk of the collection!!

For some fun facts, here’s where we’re at so far: Round 2 added 891 cars to what was photographed in round 1. This makes for a current total of 1,875.

I have already started going through the 3rd grouping of boxes that adorn my garage - so I won’t make you wait until I start back in...more will be out this afternoon...assuming it doesn’t get too busy at work!

Here’s the boxed up picture of “Round 2":

And the teaser of Round 3:


And last but not least (in fact, probably most)...this will some day be round 4:

I feel like that could be a long way off though!!

Here is everything so far:

Box 27 - On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Box 26 - Goodies Galore

Box 25 - $#&@ the Police

Box 24 - The Major is Back!

Box 23 - The Big Dawgs

Box 22 - WTF, Dawg?

Box 21 -Eclectic is the best lectic

Box 20 - Still More Lesney

Box 19 - Just a Couple Cars

Box 18 - Built Chevy Tough

Box 17 - Complete Construction

Box 16 - More Lesney Please!

Box 15 - Major Majorette

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)