Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Enormous Die-Cast Collection - Sorry, No Boxes Today...

Hello all,

I’m sorry I ran out of time this weekend to open up more boxes. But, we had a gathering at the house to honor the 1 year anniversary of the passing of this collection’s original owner - which is actually today.


This week I hope to dig out the ones that everyone wanted to look closer at, and perhaps on Thursday I can open up the next couple of boxes!

Anyway, I just wanted to pass that along and take a moment in his honor and in appreciation of a man who, at 34, had created an amazing collection of die-cast cars.


So far, I’ve only photographed 526 cars! There are thousands and thousands left to go!

Box 1 - The entire Fire Department

Box 2 - Alot of Jeeps

Box 3 - Scratching the Hot Wheels Surface

Box 4 - Johnny Lightning in a Box

Box 5 - Boxes of Tomica

Box 6 - Down on the Farm

Box 7 - A Bunch of Stuff

Box 8 - Maisto, Maestro!

Box 9 - Siku, sucker!

Box 10 - Hot Wheels - Circa 2008

Box 11 - Home of the Big Mac

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