Small Hawl. Really small hawl:

It’s been awhile since I’ve hit any sales looking for toys - not much out there that I collect, and I have been a little busy. I am also unwilling to drive 50++ miles to a sale, unless I spot something exceptional. Luck would have it there was a sale just a couple miles from home, and the ad featured some toys. This sale was held by the same group I got the rare cars from earlier this year, who has sales on terms I like (sales start Saturday). In the ad, I saw slot cars and model railroad stuff, which often hangs out with diecast. I got there early (if you aren’t in the first group allowed in the house, good luck to you), this is what I found.

They had a ton of 1:32 Eldon slot cars from the 60s - but one picker guy I have talked with many times before (nice guy, has grabbed Matchbox material for me in the past) bought them all. He paid something like $800 for the lot, which was way more than I’d pay, but maybe he can flip them and make a little. They had a lot of 60s-70s era HO scale model railroad material too, and priced fairly - freight/passenger cars $3 each, engines $10 each, but nothing got me going. I saw a little box of small scale diecast in the ad, and it had nothing to get me going either, other than the one item.

The car is Lesney Matchbox 27c, the lovely Cadillac. This is a final run variant with fine tread black wheels and a black base, a relatively scarce variety. It’s far from mint, but for $2 I couldn’t leave it there. The flatbed car hauler is a 60s era Lima (Italy) model, with two fintails. I have an assortment of their tiny fintails, but none in HO scale, for $3 I can’t resist a couple model fintails.  If anything, I didn’t break the bank today.

That is all.