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Estate Sale Hawl

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to a sale. I have the day off, and decided to get up way too early and wait in line with a pack of pickers/resellers to see what I can find. I didn’t come away empty handed.

First, a Matchbox Motorway #12 from 1967. These aren’t rare, but it has been a long time since I have seen one this nice. Excellent box, instructions, brochure, appears complete, 2 boxed cars + another boxed car + 2 loose cars, couldn’t pass it up:


1967 smaller size Matchbox carrying case in decent condition with an assortment of mostly common but clean vehicles:

4 loose mint 1:43 Corgi - the Beach Buggy is pretty cute, and the concepts are wacky:


3 Hot Wheels redlines, all red - a couple are missing a few wheels, but are in decent shape otherwise. Custom Mustang has all wheels and is desirable (hood falls off):


They had some other redlines, but priced too high (some around $100 apiece) for me to take a gamble - these ones were a fraction of that for the trio.

And something unrelated but I had to get it, a rod hockey game, 1969 edition, pretty nice for one of these:


Not a bad morning, worth getting up for.

That is all.

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