Big things with little cars

Estate Sale HAWL - another one

I got up early again today to check out a sale, and once again found a few things:

Today’s hawl consists of a couple Tomica Pocket Cars, on 1974 copyright cards. At left is the 97-1 Isuzu Elf airport truck in the range from May 1975 - September 1977, at right is the 67-1 Nissan (Datsun on the card) (Caball) police van, in the range from August 1973 - April 1978. One may notice these have Pay ‘N Save price stickers, a long-defunct drugstore chain I remember when I was a kid (but I don’t recall them stocking Pocket Cars).


I also picked up the 70s blackwall era HW Paddy Wagon - not what I collect, but it was in a room with a bunch of crafty stuff, and I couldn’t just leave it there. At under $10 for the lot, I think it was OK.

These might end up for sale, as I don’t really collect carded vehicles nor HW.

That is all.

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