So continuing with my last post, I went out looking for more police cars and returned with this,

The Smart Fortwo police car.

This model was produced by Siku which are happen to be placed on the shelf directly opposite the Tomica display at my local Toys ‘R’ Us. With so many similarities between the two, you can see why TRU arranged things that way. Both fall within similar price points, at least the Siku Super line anyway and both tend to draw more of their inspiration from real cars.

So with this being my first Siku model what do I think about it? It feels a bit light. I’m not sure if this is because it’s a smaller model, but it feels like the car is primarily made from plastic with very little diecast. But the negatives aside, it’s still a very nice model.


Some aspects that I find great about it are the wheels which kinda remind me of those on the fastlane taxi I reviewed awhile back. Strangely enough, Siku decided to tampo on the german police website on the side of the car instead of just “polizei” as on most actual police cars. It’s a little weird but nothing that ruins the model for me.


In general, Siku do produce some pretty nice models though they are generally based more on German cars with a few exceptions here and there. Not too sure how to feel about them specifically using the 1:50 and 1:55 scale instead of 1:64 but with a more unconventionally shaped model like the Smart Fortwo. It still fits in well with my growing police car collection.


P.s. Does this technically count as part of Teutonic Tuesday?