Big things with little cars

Was at 1 Utama due to tagging along with my relatives going jewelry shopping (not Mother’s Day, a relative of mine is getting married). Didn’t get the chance to visit the Tamiya store, but I did manage to visit some other stores. Namely Hamleys.


Hamleys is the only store that stocks Greenlight cars here these days. Problem is, the weak Ringgit certainly contributed to the Amcorp Mall-esque price... ow.

Somehow the same car in the same multipack type keeps getting inverted. To quote Goldfinger, once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.


Wait, there’s a fourth one? Great.


Also got another of the seemingly endless line of Amercom collectible magazines. What exactly is the criteria for a legendary car is known only to them, but a wedge Espirit certainly fits.

In more practical purchases, I got the Bobino key hook I was looking for, in addition to a medium cord wrap. The MPH bookstore there carries Lihit Lab gear, but I’m not sure as to whether it’s what I’m looking for... until next time then!

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