Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Everything But The House Auctions-Shipping Question?

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I have a question for anyone here who has bid on any items from the EBTH Auction House, and won. What was your shipping cost in relation to the object you won?
I’ve won two auctions so far, a Buddy L pressed steel truck, and an assortment of larger (1:43 to 1:28 scales) diecast cars. Thirty five of them...
The Buddy L cost $14.52 to ship to my PO box. The Set of 35 cars had a shipping charge of $15.17.
Not outrageous by any means, in fact, the second auction, for 35 cars was amazingly low priced for the shipping. $15.17 For thirty Five Cars.


On the other hand, there are current auctions that beggar belief.

For instance, this Vauxhall Cresta, with box, is a staggering $19.92 shipped from Houston, TX:


That’s not a typo, $19.92 for one Matchbox car with box.
This ambulance is also $19.92, for the diecast and the box:


$16.53 for what’s probably the same weight, for this Caravan:


So naturally, I’m curious what your experience has been. What was the approximate size or weight of your won item? What was the shipping cost?
This information has seriously curtailed my bidding, which is a shame because there are some nice items falling under the hammer.
I’m not trying to disparage the company, not by any means. I’ll still browse their toy cars and related items, but I’ll have to remember to check the shipping before I fall in love with any new items.
BTW, I asked them about this in an email and received no response,
_ And, I’ll post photos and text about my won auctions soon, in case anyone is curious.

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