This is a second generation 1971 AMC Javelin AMX in just about the best undercover sparkling blue I’ve seen. Oh, and it’s made by Greenlight.

At first glance this car looks to basically be a non-metallic light blue with a nice white T-stripe. But when you look at it under lights, the subtle sparkle comes through to kick things up a few octaves.

It’s the 1971 AMX model, which means it would’ve had a 401 cu in. (6.6L for us normal metric-knowing people) V8 throwing out 335hp. I guess this must’ve been the last “good” one before the oil crisis hit, because the ‘72 model only got 255hp from the same engine. Guess that’s why GL chose to call this the ‘71?

I don’t know much about this car or any other muscle car, for that matter, but I do know that I like the shape of the Javelin a lot. It’s somehow different than the normal muscle car shape. And from the photos I’ve seen, GL nailed the look and the proportions perfectly. Also check out that tiny little AMC badge on the B pillar. GL may have quality issues from time to time, but they always nail the tampos!


The star of the show, however, is still that slight sparkle, as well as the beatifully executed wheels and tires.


I got this car from KPS Hobbies and Toys, when I orderd a red Johnny Lightning Toyota FJ and a GL Ford GT, and asked them to throw in a third car as a surprise. I was very happily surprised when I pulled the Javelin out of the box!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, LaLDers, and make sure to get ready for Engine week!!