Big things with little cars

Exciting diecast things happening.

This weekend a couple things have come together to get me truely hyped about diecast projects.

First off, this is what remains of the culled casts. And about half of these will be drilled for wheels/parts then discarded. Another full tub of this size is waiting to be donated. You all ended up buying about 2/3rds of the culled stuff, which helped fund a good portion of the next things i am excited about. So a big thank you there.


Next up is this epic tandem pup trailer semi from DCP. I’d been eyeing this at my favorite diecast shop, but the three-digit price tag always stopped me. So when I stopped by saturday and it was in the discount area for $50 i couldn’t grab it fast enough.

This is massive, and fully detailed including under the hood.


Next up is another DCP, this is an older Series II, which were slightly cheaper and didn’t have opening hoods. I got it again on clearance for $25 with big Purolator logos on it.


What i wanted was a generic white cab & dry van. So some time with acetone pulled all the logos off. I accidentally removed some of the conspicuity tape detail, but that is ok as this isn’t going to stay nice long. Because I am finally doing something i have wanted to for a while.


Building another diorama. This one is a 2'x4' section of interstate primarily to allow me to stage and photograph big truck wreck recoveries with my heavy wreckers. So that white semi cab is going to get wrecked, and i get to build other wrecked cars and trucks as well.

I have an interesting plan on how to do the highway signs, but need someone who knows how to do scale-correct images that will print actual size and not ‘fit to page’. If anyone is willing to help I’d be grateful and would happily trade custom work or something.

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